Free Printables

Please take note that these printables are for personal use, do not share the actual file / downloadable link on your blog/ website. Instead, link this blog post up and send your lovely friends here. Your lovely comments and requests would keep me motivated in creating more and more printables in the future!

Click on the image below to be directed to the respective blog post. Thanks so much!

1. Typewriter To-Do & List Printable

2. Target Dollar Spot Inspired - Notes & Ramblings Printable


  1. Love this! I loved the watercolor Target items!

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  3. thank you for your hard work! create more printables as i will always support ur arts and i love them! they always make my day! <3

  4. These are great, thank you for sharing, I can use these in my shopping list, great :)

  5. Your planners, printables, etc. are adorable. Thank you.


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